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The birds on your building are not the problem, their droppings are!

South Africa is home to over 850 species of birds and is considered to be a birder’s paradise. While this diversity in our country is an incredible privilege, it is only a handful of birds that we are faced with as a problem in day-to-day life. Bird Control Services deals primarily with feral bird populations including pigeons and common myna birds.

We also deal with urban populations of naturally occurring birds such as red winged starlings and sparrows. Each of these birds poses their own specific problems which can cause havoc in the long run for stored goods and personnel alike. Accumulating and decaying bird droppings create offensive odours and will attract flies and other disease carrying insects such as lice.



Droppings are also highly corrosive, not only to metal, but concrete as well. On-going cleaning of bird infestation sites are a drain on any house-keeping budget while droppings onto goods stored in infested areas can make the products unsaleable. Many different methods have been contemplated or tried in an effort to get rid of infesting pigeons, but most have drawn a blank as to how to tackle the problem… Abandoned buildings, rejected consignments of goods and stock, staff illness and lice infestations;

We’ve seen it all…