Our success is rooted in the fact that we still provide something that no competitor of ours can – A guaranteed, custom designed solution to your bird infestation problems.

Manufactured in the same way since 1987 – every Spectre Net installation is custom designed and manufactured in our factory to exacting SABS standards. It is then perfectly installed to ensure it is an attractive, fully functional addition to your building.

The quality of our Spectre-Net manufacture allows us to GUARANTEE our installations for a period of 8 years! Net installations completed in and around Durban pre-1990 still stand proud as testament to the quality of Spectre-Net.

Spectre-Net is the finest PHYSICAL BARRIER to birds available today.

  • Keeps birds away with a physical barrier to entry.

  • Is custom manufactured prior to installation to ensure a perfect fit that looks good for years.

  • Is virtually invisible once in place, therefore not compromising the aesthetics of the building.

  • Has been specifically designed for the exclusion of birds from areas such as building wells, open roof structures, roof eaves and monitors, wide ledges, balconies, courtyards, breeze block and louvered sections, tilting windows, canopies, air vents, roof cowls, loading docks, and hollow block facades.

Did you know?

Spectre-Net has been entrusted on national monuments and buildings of interest due to its uncompromising quality and unsurpassed performance.
  • While other bird netting is supplied by the meter, our netting is made in our factory as per specification for a perfect fit installation.

  • Has been proven to last for over 25 years – we have working examples of Spectre-Net installations from 1987 that are still in perfect condition.

  • Unique webbing border sandwich design.

  • Suitable for all weather conditions.

  • Materials and workmanship guaranteed for 8 years.


Not only are birds a potential health hazard and a nuisance, they can cause significant damage to your building, not to mention the mess! Do you need a permanent solution? Spectre-Net is the only custom-designed, locally manufactured bird exclusion netting in South Africa.


  • High Density
  • Polyethylene
  • U. V. Stability
  • Carbon Black

Raschell Knitted with a lock stitch that will knot if torn.

10mm Square mesh

Treated narrow webbing, manufactured to SABS 1080 – 83.

Stainless steel pins and self-tapping screws.

Will not interfere with the operation of any heat sensing devices & does not constitute a fire hazard in itself.